Penalties Cleared.

Thanks to the three items pictured below, my spend-free penalties have been cleared. I may not have donated to the United Way, but donations have been made to charities/nonprofits/schools in the Twin Cities so it’s just as good.

Item 1: iPad – bid on at the Holy Name Fall Festival silent auction. (I got it for a whole $50 less than I would have paid in an Apple store.)

Item 2: My bidder number at the DeLaSalle Oktoberfest Gala. I bid on kids – yay.

Item 3: A purse purchased at the DeLaSalle Oktoberfest gala.

(Other donations also made to the St. Paul Public Schools Foundation and the Greater Twin Cities United Way – the IRS will be so proud of me.)


Tally (sorry it’s been a while)

It’s been a while.  But, today, the day that just won’t end, I decided to do a little “unofficial tally.” Here it is (slightly illegible). Ouch.

(More photos of some of the items on this list to come soon.)

Consider Yourself Fortunate

Just another infographic to make up for the fact that I haven’t had any spending/eating posts lately. (Well I do have spending/eating updates, just figure I should include pictures and I haven’t taken them.)

One thing I’ve learned doing this challenge is that I should be thankful for what I have.  Many people don’t have food or the opportunity to head to their favorite restaurant or eat their favorite food whenever they want. Many people don’t have more than one outfit in their closet. I do and I’m very thankful for that. When you make the most out of what you have, you realize how fortunate you really are.

I encourage everyone to attempt to go spendfree for a period of time.  It doesn’t have to be a whole year, maybe a month, a few months or just a week. You’ll thank me.

(via The Daily What and DeviantArt)

Food & Drink Spending by City

The average Minneapolis household spent $3,325 dining out in 2009.  (Saint Paul is slightly higher at $3,372.)  In 2010, so far, I have only spent about $150 eating out.  TAKE THAT!

(Source: Infographic: Food spending in the biggest U.S. cities)

Making Good.

I have a trip to Chicago coming up (in 2 days) and will likely be shopping since…well I just will.  So, I decided to make good on my current “dues” to the United Way before I leave.

Today I donated $125.00 to the Greater Twin Cities United Way.  I only owed $100 (again…most of which was food because I LOVE food), but I figured I’d give a little extra because I’ll have to anyway.  Right?

Stayed tuned for pictures of my shopping ventures in Chicago.

Oh SWEETness!

Groupon delivered a little bit of happiness today with a deal for a 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Sweets Bakeshop for $9 (or 50% off).  My original thought was – ok fine I’ll donate $9 to the United Way because I LOVE cupcakes.

Guess what – Sweets Bakeshop uses local and/or organic ingredients (even says so in the Groupon ad – down there at the bottom)! Sorry, United Way!

Target Field.

I’ve said before that the food portion of this challenge is the most difficult, because I LOVE food.  Well, I ventured out to the new Target Field this past Friday and must say that with tickets to 8 games, there will be donations made to the United Way.

On Friday, I’m going to assume that they were still working out the kinks in the concessions business because it took us 5 innings to get food.  We didn’t go for anything special either (i.e. the Vincent Burger or Murray’s steak sandwich); we got in line for a hot dog, beer and some cheese curds.  An hour or so later (during which we also missed the first homerun and pretty much everything else), we finally had a hot dog – a luke warm hot dog – and some cheese curds.  All for $11.00.

I was still STARVING after the game so I also had a bowl of soup at the Local (to warm me up from the windy coldness of Target Field), and that cost me $5.50.  And, since I was already $16.50. in for the weekend, I added on a slice of pizza ($3.50) before the Spoon concert on Saturday.  

So, this weekend cost me $20.00.  But, like I said, I still have 10 Twins games to get through, which will likely include at least one Vincent Burger ($12.00) and possibly a Murray’s steak sandwich ($10.50).  Target Field, the United Way thanks you!