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Food & Drink Spending by City

The average Minneapolis household spent $3,325 dining out in 2009.  (Saint Paul is slightly higher at $3,372.)  In 2010, so far, I have only spent about $150 eating out.  TAKE THAT!

(Source: Infographic: Food spending in the biggest U.S. cities)


Two Things – Breakfast & Saving

1) Today is my sister’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and because of the celebratory occassion we had breakfast at the Egg & I.  I LOVE breakfast.  I LOVE eggs benedict.  I LOVE that I’ve had a celebratory reason to  enjoy not only breakfast but also eggs benedict. (She’ll blog something eventually.)

2) Yesterday was a one of those excellent days when my student loan payment day coincides with pay day.  At first I thought, “OH SUCK IT, DirectLoans,” because it really made it feel like last week never happened.  But then I noticed something strange – my bank account had more in it than it usually does on loan payment days.  Why?  Because of this challenge, of course. 

Now, ordinarily, after having realized I have more than usual, I’d be doing some serious shopping, but, uh,  it’s not allowed.  I know some people are reading this going – “Hello…this isn’t a new thing it’s called ‘saving.'”  And, trust me, that isn’t new to me.  I’m actually a pretty frugal person (and tend to rag on people for spending as much as they do – ask any member of my family), but I think the “strange” part is that in the past I would put money in my savings account and that would be my “saving.”  Now, it’s taken on a new form.  (And, I haven’t even had an urge to shop, though the food/eating out portion has been absolutely brutal.)