Target Field.

I’ve said before that the food portion of this challenge is the most difficult, because I LOVE food.  Well, I ventured out to the new Target Field this past Friday and must say that with tickets to 8 games, there will be donations made to the United Way.

On Friday, I’m going to assume that they were still working out the kinks in the concessions business because it took us 5 innings to get food.  We didn’t go for anything special either (i.e. the Vincent Burger or Murray’s steak sandwich); we got in line for a hot dog, beer and some cheese curds.  An hour or so later (during which we also missed the first homerun and pretty much everything else), we finally had a hot dog – a luke warm hot dog – and some cheese curds.  All for $11.00.

I was still STARVING after the game so I also had a bowl of soup at the Local (to warm me up from the windy coldness of Target Field), and that cost me $5.50.  And, since I was already $16.50. in for the weekend, I added on a slice of pizza ($3.50) before the Spoon concert on Saturday.  

So, this weekend cost me $20.00.  But, like I said, I still have 10 Twins games to get through, which will likely include at least one Vincent Burger ($12.00) and possibly a Murray’s steak sandwich ($10.50).  Target Field, the United Way thanks you!


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